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A forum for writing about, sharing and examining life, art, culture and the way we interact and create.

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Welcome to Talk Magazine!

The idea for talk-mag developed after I so enjoyed – in two different cities we lived – getting together monthly with other interested people for stringent verbal and intellectual “workouts,” discussing topics related to Art in all of its forms. After awhile for different reasons, this became difficult and we didn’t get together anymore in person.

Although face-to-face is the best, this magazine is an online attempt to re-create that stimulating creative experience. What’s needed is a complement of voices. This kind of interaction doesn’t work without different viewpoints and perspectives. Each person has something to contribute.

This kind of conversation itself can be a creative experience – the words, and back-and-forth build understanding and further communication – of subject-matter and of each other. It can be a great pleasure to be a part of.

It’s what Talk Magazine is striving for. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank You & All the Best!

Heila Rogers


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