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Power Lines

In Art on December 31, 2011 at 1:49 pm


Photo taken in Boston by Denis Tangney Jr

The imperfect.

Is it art?

Many artists would emphasize the fact that all art is imperfect. It’s well-known “the greats” would’ve gone back and made changes to their masterpieces if they could, or if they didn’t stop themselves.

But what about for instance, photo-shopping out power lines?

In our arts discussion group this question came up when the topic of the month was Nature Photography.

I was struck with Denis Tangney’s wonderful photographer’s website, finding the above beautiful shot of … power lines.

He also has some wonderful ones of alleys with dumpsters. Yes, they look beautiful somehow. There are evocative ones of quiet side streets and then there are some great ones of the more traditional postcard variety, of city skylines with lovely water reflections.

The thing is, when I travel I have longed to remember along with the main landmarks, those very side streets and alleys that you experience and see when you visit a city, but of course there are never any good photos of those in souvenir shops.

Check out Denis Tangney’s photographs and see what you think:

Photo taken in New York City by Denis Tangney Jr

~ HR


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